Learn How nView is Helping Innovate Pediatric Mental Health with the M.I.N.I. Kid
nView Health recently presented at the annual International Society for Pediatric Innovation (iSPI) Leadership Summit. The virtual event was held and hosted by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical temp-2Center and Thomas Young, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder of nView Health presented on innovation in pediatric mental health assessments during the conference.

nView Health provides digital DSM-V behavioral health screeners, assessments and follow-up trackers for both adults and pediatric patients. The digital M.I.N.I. Kid module helps healthcare providers more accurately identify, diagnose and monitor adolescents who are at risk for the 24 most common and clinically relevant psychiatric disorders and disorder subtypes. The nView pediatric solutions include a digital screener, an evidence-based interview and automated monitoring surveys so pediatric behavioral health patients can get the care they need faster.

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Closing the Gap: Meeting the New Demand for Mental Healthcare in Rural America

Dr. Thomas Young, founder, and chief medical officer of nView Health and Caley Berkeley, solution engineer of Azalea Health, discuss how forward-thinking healthcare providers are able to assess, diagnose, consult and monitor their patients – all remotely.

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We are sadly overdue for healthcare systems to “swap-out hammers” for “toolkits” for our healthcare professionals. And given the critical role they have and will continue to provide treating mental illness, our failure to do so will, predictably, crush our mental health systems from a sheer volume and weight of patient needs.

Providing accurate and comprehensive evidence-based mental health assessment solutions is all that we do at Nview. Our M.I.N.I. and M.I.N.I.-Kid are evidence-based, structured diagnostic interviews that have been used around the world for many years

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